Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A Genius At Work

To see with a concurrent vision, view with eyes of ingenuity and master the art of creating excellence with one click - Mario Testino, at his very best. It’s hard to define a man with this kind of an undying vision.
For all those who aren’t aware of this creator’s magic, then you’re in for a startling treat.
From Gucci in it’s earliest days, to becoming the man behind some of the best covers in the history of fashion photography. From Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, Kate Moss to Lady Gaga. We see no limit to Testino's success. 

It’s seemingly difficult to find a supermodel that hasn’t been victim to Testino’s flash.
The Peruvian genius’ work dates back to the 70s. From selling portfolios to young aspiring models for a mere 25 pounds; to moving on to transforming himself into a celebrated genius is what’s most inspiring!
Who would have known that a child who once aspired to be a priest, would grow up to be one of the most eminent fashion photographers the world has to see. 

I've previously spoken of my favorite Tim Walker, herewhose style is quite the opposite of Testino's. What I absolutely love, is the diversity this world has to see. While Walker remains to be an extremist when it comes to exploring craziness & creating beautiful drama; Testino knows how to dramatize subtly, conceptualize with precision and present relatively more real yet impeccably fabulous photographs.

Kate Moss, for LOVE Magazine.

Princess Diana, for Vanity Fair.

The controversial Gucci cover, 1996.
Syled by Carine Roitfeld.

Anna Wintour

Kristen Stewart, Vanity Fair.

Prince WIlliam & Kate Middleton, portrait.

Princess Diana, Vanity Fair.

Blake Lively

Lady Gaga, V Magazine.

Kristen Stewart, Vogue US.


  1. Wow great post!


  2. Gosh, those with Kirsten Steward. The thing is, like a good photographer should, he makes beautiful photos WITHOUT erasing their personality: some photographers are so full of themselves and the idea they project on the model but he actually shows them their beautiful selves.

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  6. great pictures! blake lively is a dream!


  7. Amazing photos :)



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