Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Breaking the monotony

Out of the classic essentials in one's wardrobe, an obvious basic black shirt & a pair of well fitted dark blue jeans definitely top the list. You could have these wardrobe staples in your closet for years together and not have the heart to discard them. 
It's the magic of that one perfect accessory that could totally transform this monotonous dark-hued concoction into something fabulous!
I'm not really into street shopping, but on my recent trip to Causeway (after 5 long years!) I spotted this one gorgeous neck piece that I instantly fell in love with. 
Yes, you're right. THIS was the one magic accessory that I knew at once, would instantly dress up my basics.

Shoes, Jeans : New Look
Bag : Juicy Couture
Neck Piece : Causeway

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Monday, 18 June 2012

All time serenity..

I spent the last week at this beautiful resort located in the south of Goa. There was something about the place that managed to leave a hyper person like me, calm and super content! I don't think I've ever spent so much quality time with nature & that's most definitely something I intend on doing more often.
I've concluded that the best inspiration comes from the natural outdoors..  

Although the photographs could capture only a hundredth of how beautiful it really was, I suggest you have a look.. 

Bird of Paradise :)

Dress: Forever 21

Day 2 on the beach :)

On a lazy day, I spent some time exploring the resort, wearing:
Flip-flops: Aldo
Watch: Fossil
Bag: Charles & Keith

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Drink Between Blazing Walls.

As strange as it may sound, this weekend I witnessed how my love for neons had manifested onto cement. At a lounge-bar I visited outside the city, I got to see some insane wall art that blew my mind!
The concentrated blue light of the room was interrupted with blazing neon art on three walls of this rather small space. The aquatic themed bar sure lived up to it's "oceanic" concept. 
I absolutely loved the idea of how a boring white walled room could be transformed into such an interesting space with the simple use of neon colors. Have a look..

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hitting the eye : A little more Neon love.

What Christopher Kane got right in the Spring of 2011, caught the eye of the world two seasons later.
"Neon" has been one of the most adored trends of the recent past. Although acid color blocking hit the charts last spring, it is only not so long ago that neons have found a spot in the closets of many.
While some consider this trend as a rather risky bet, it is the magical combination of neon with neutral tones that couldn't possibly go wrong!

I'm a lover of subtlety, but neon is something that's extremely fun to play with. The misconception that neon can only work at night is false. I've created two very wearable looks using two different lime-yellow pieces,  a look for the day as well as the night for you to see. 

My love for neon is quite evident to those who have browsed through my photo library. So here are some of my favorite neon inspiration photos..


Neon for the Day

Neon for the Night

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Little Cup of Love

Those who know me, know that my love for good coffee goes leaps and bounds. So, it gives me great pleasure to dedicate this post to one of my most loved places in the city .. Gloria Jean’s Café, Bandra, Mumbai!
Besides the fact that they make the best coffee in the city, it’s the one place that I conveniently call home.  It's the vibe of this cozy café  that I find hardest to word. 
As a devoted coffee lover, good coffee is an obvious necessity while I’m working or otherwise. And Gloria never leaves me disappointed. I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve probably had within the four walls of this place. And I’ll never be able to sum up the number of hours I’ve spent here just sketching or catching up on a good book.
PS: Most of my best illustrations come right out of here!

Basically, if I had to list one of my personal most inspiring  & happy places in this city.. Gloria Jean’s would most definitely top the list.

Other than the fact that I adore the energy of this place, it’s my love for GJC’s coffee that makes me come back here every single day.
Gloria Jean’s is an Australian brand that serves you the world’s most kickass lattes. The “Very Vanilla Latte” is my personal favorite. Unlike a regular vanilla latte at any other café, it’s Gloria’s addition of their decadent white chocolate powder that really does the trick for me. 
For all you coffee addicts, it's a must have!

My Vanilla Latte with my second favorite, Banana cake!

Top : Forever 21
Jeans : New Look
Watch : Fossil
Shoes : Heatwave
Bag : Shopped Online

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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Man Behind Juicy's Couture..

Beautiful photographs are something that could not only inspire but sometimes even land up giving me goose bumps. I’m not into photography per se but I enjoy researching new photographers every now and then.
Yet, my favorite photographer happens to be Tim Walker.
I’m blown away by most of his clicks. His inspiring photographs go beyond one's imagination. 
I haven’t still come across a photographer who lays this kind of focus on detail. His photographs trap you into this “dark fantasy meets fairytale” zone that always leave one bedazzled.
Tim Walker also happens to be one of the most acclaimed fashion photographers. From the countless magazine cover shoots to this April’s US Vogue Kate Moss spread, Time Walker’s key style is evident throughout.
Fashion's ingenious "Couture Photographer", a label that only he could live up to!

And yes, saving my favorite detail for last, for all those who don't know, most of the crazy Juicy Couture ad shoots are works of Walker. 

A few of my favorite Tim Walker works.. 

Carolina Herrera Campaign Photograph

Kate Moss : April '12 US VOGUE 

And finally.. Tim Waker's Juicy Couture magic!